Friday, February 05, 2016

Single payer.


The solution, obviously, is to find a way to placate the insurance industry. Give them another cash cow in exchange for relinquishing their claim on health insurance.

Insurance companies care about one thing: their own profits. That is why for-profit health insurance is a disaster for people who have no alternative to it and the USA does not have single payer.

Looking across the full spectrum of insurance "products," certainly there are regulations that can be relaxed in, say, corporate risk management services or collateral insurance premiums that expand insurance companies' profits within the financial sector sufficiently so that they are willing to release their stranglehold on sick people. Finance is an imaginary world of numbers anyway. Just rewrite the rules so insurance companies get a bigger piece of the action.

Once insurance companies agree to give up health insurance because they have been handed easy money elsewhere, the "political problem" will be solved and single payer will become the no-brainer that it is. Heck, given the right incentives, insurance companies will be happy to let health insurance and all of its attendant headaches go.

Re: "Who Hates Obamacare?" (2/5/2016)

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