Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama's speech at the DNC.

Mr. Obama is an exemplary human being: smart, inspiring, everything you would want in a parent, neighbor, friend, and statesman.

His message, though, that your burden will be eased in the by and by, is cold comfort to the hundreds of millions of people on this planet suffering the abuses of unbridled predatory capitalism, racism, greed, war, and environmental destruction.

Please don't take this as a rejection of the truly admirable personal qualities of a wonderful man anyone would be honored to know personally. It is the difference between MLK and Malcolm X, Hillary Clinton (domestically; internationally she is a menace) and Bernie Sanders. While you wait for pie in the sky, tears flow, blood flows, and champagne flows.

Job number one for the American people is to keep Trump out of the White House. Job number two will be to keep Hillary Clinton's feet to the fire. Whether anyone can get anything humane and reasonable out of a Republican House and Senate is questionable. And two thirds of U.S. state governments are in Republican hands.

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