Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hat in hand.

BLM is a real grass roots organization, a group of people fearing for their lives and those of their neighbors at the hands of the police. These are not people being manipulated by clever framing of half-truths and lies by billionaires whose real agenda is no taxes for rich people, no regulation of corporations -- preservation of a societal organizational structure that farms humans to be used for certain revenue-generating activities: consuming, fighting in wars, supplying raw materials or manufacturing things for as little money as the owners of all the money can possibly pay.

The place to start talking about American society's problems is at how the money works, what government can and is supposed to do -- provide for the general welfare, for example. People have got to start seeing one another as individual human beings, stop thinking we know all about each other in terms of stupid abstractions that demonstrate we don't, and communicating with each other as human beings.

Corporations are not human beings. Human beings need to talk about corporations with each other not to them hat in hand.

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