Monday, January 25, 2016

Empty husks.


Thinking back on what the emotional landscape must have been like for a politician who defended slavery or instigated stealing Native Americans' land, it seems to me that a total lack of empathy and utterly unconscious greed must have been at the core of those people's experience of themselves.

These were the real Americans, seeing as to how they stole the actual United States from the people who were living here before the physical United States was planted, picked, and built for them by enslaved human beings.

The reality of what Native Americans and slaves looked like to the real Americans is precisely what Palin-Trump Americans perceive when they see immigrants, Muslims, refugees, and other despised categories of people they blame for the inhumane conditions of a world shaped almost entirely by themselves and their rapacious friends. Subhuman empty husks into which one pours justification for whatever crimes one wishes to commit.

Re: "Sarah Palin, Rage Whisperer" (1/26/2016)

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