Monday, January 25, 2016



Moral equivalence of "left and right" in the USA is baloney.

The American fascist movement has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in a sophisticated and omnipresent disinformation machine in the form of rigorously orchestrated media like Fox "News," obscurantist think tanks that manufacture self-serving arguments that make no sense, and politically powerful instruments like K Street, ALEC, and Super PACS that not only buy politicians to do their dirty work, but also formulate legislative policies that protect and further the interests of Wall Street, big corporations, military contractors, and everyone else whose business model is to enslave and plunder.

The American "left" is working people struggling to pay their bills, hold onto their homes, get educated without going into debt forever, and go to the hospital without going bankrupt.

Who is this "left" harboring views and an agenda as "dark" and "extreme" as those of the American right? And how ruthlessly has this "left" been exercising its power?

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