Sunday, April 17, 2016


Attacking your opponent's record, policies, and promises is what campaigning is all about. After Tuesday's Democratic debate in Brooklyn, I must say that Hillary Clinton in my opinion also is not qualified to be president of the USA. She looked like a Madeleine Albright doppelganger and spoke words members of her camp would say. On minimum wage and the economy the message I got was: "Sure. Sure. So long as me and my friends in the ruling class still control all the money and are running the show." Small business people identify with successful entrepreneurs, but there are ethical ones, like Bernie, whose business is small-bore politics and is ready to step up to lead the charge. And there are the shifty types who talk a loose game and sell by manipulating your allegiance to them, like Trump. Hillary is a realist, meaning she will live a luxurious life fighting for the underdog by parsing semantic phrases with her rich patrons and beneficiaries.

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