Friday, May 13, 2016

How dare they.

Has Iran ever toppled a democratically elected government in the USA? Installed a brutal, torturing, murdering military dictator in the USA, arming him and supporting him diplomatically and financially for 26 years until Americans finally got rid of him?

No. Iran has never crushed democracy in the USA to further the business interests of its ruling elite. But the USA did do exactly that to Iran.

How dare the Iranians! Kicking out the American-installed dictator, disliking the USA for what the American ruling elite did to them, and strengthening their ability to deter military aggression against Iran by the constantly sabre-rattling USA and expansionist settler-colonialist state of Israel.

It must feel awful to be Ted Cruz, miserable day in and day out about imagined catastrophic threats like Iran. No one ever explained to him how nasty, greedy people like American neocons who want to dominate the world militarily always dream up narratives to transform the countries they want to dominate and subjugate and control into imaginary aggressors.

How dare anyone oppose American imperialism! Such naked aggression must be crushed by any means necessary!

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