Friday, June 24, 2016

More on the Brexit.

There is a distinction between global trade, which people have engaged in at least since the 15th century, and corporate globalization, which is a rigged system in which banks and corporations make the rules that every person on this planet must obey.

The rules the banks and corporations pay their lackeys in government to enact put every human being on this planet entirely at the mercy of financial behemoths whose business plan is theft and whose only purpose is to own everything.

"Trade" is a good thing, as is global trade. But so-called "free-trade" isn't even trade. It is a set of arrangements according to which transnational investors can do anything they want to whomever and whatever they want, always walk away with all of the spoils, and can never lose because you and I are obligated to cover their bets when they guess wrong or need an unlimited line of credit to commit their crimes.

Global neoliberalism is a doomed arrangement. Today is the first blow it has earned by its utter contempt for the human race, and many more will follow.

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