Friday, June 24, 2016

My Letter to the NY Times

Let's get one thing straight, NY Times, regarding the Brexit. We are in a three-way race here. You got away with ignoring and minimizing Bernie Sanders' campaign and running all Trump all the time to give your candidate -- you know, the neoliberal -- a bozo who could never beat her to run against.

Now you are backpedaling with all your might trying to put your Frankenstein back in the bottle as every rabid right-wing racist -- and every low-information voter who knows something is wrong and can't believe it's Walmart -- flocks to back him.

The fight is not between xenophobia on the one hand and the self-evident blessings of predatory capitalism. Democratic socialism is in the mix. It isn't racism versus global trade. It is economic democracy versus financialization and corporate rule.

Keep selling racism and xenophobia as the gnome to be disowned in order to save neoliberalism, and you will create a monster that destroys us all. Acknowledge that neoliberalism is dead. Let it go, and let sanity not madness take its place.

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