Thursday, July 07, 2016

American police.

American police escalate encounters with citizens at almost the instant they occur. They shout incomprehensible orders, attack, and apply holds that cause their victim to instinctively try to protect himself. Then they start screaming to stop resisting while continuing to apply painful physical force on fingers, throat, and neck. They are experts at violently torturing victims. They are criminal monsters who kill for sport.

American police do not protect and they do not keep the peace. They prowl for prey and brutalize and kill it when they find it. American police do not use words. They do not listen and they do not discuss. They do not coax individuals suspected of a crime to come along peacefully. They scream, yell, threaten, force, coerce, beat -- and when they are sufficiently excited by their own violence, they kill.

People who want to kill join American police departments, hunt blacks, and kill black people with impunity. No way will I ever set foot in the USA again. A horrible, violent, racist, criminal country.

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