Friday, July 08, 2016

After Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas.

White America has to back off, calm down, and be willing finally to extend whatever help, if any, to its fellow human beings it is asked for. There is no need to feel defensive. Americans are blessed with the opportunity to get to know people of every origin and background imaginable. Are we all enemies? We don't even know each other, which with a little humility and a willingness to reach out can be corrected.

We live in a world of delusions that revolve around money, power, and war. Electronic images generated by the corporate economy create an illusion that feels 100% like it is reality, but it is entirely divorced from the actual world from which we emerged. What are we killing each other for? Why all the wars? Why all the poverty? Why all the hate and rage?

It is time for Americans to ask themselves what they think they are doing on this planet and start conceiving of themselves -- and everybody else -- as living human beings.

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