Sunday, July 10, 2016

Drone war.

Americans' preoccupation with "lethal force" obscures questions like: why is the USA trying to dominate the world militarily?

Why do Americans reach immediately for weapons when confronted by people who are not interested in being cogs in their corporate machine? Why are so few Americans aware of the racist underpinnings of the American imperial project?

The attitude of privilege and entitlement -- to do whatever they want to whomever they want wherever they want -- among the American ruling class is screaming to be acknowledged, and year after year, rather than to be willing to perceive the truth about itself, it ruminates interminably about who it should kill.

The narrative always begins with hotheads in a colonized society lashing out violently against American domination -- or fighting back against a dictator the USA installed or the death squads that it trained -- and the question always is what form lethal force should take, never why is the United States manipulating, plundering, and trying to control everybody and everything on this planet.

Meanwhile, a tiny minority in the USA live in opulence and life even for white, formerly middle-class people is deteriorating steadily. What is all this killing protecting?

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